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Shirt&Jacket - Free Sewing Patterns

Shawl Collar Blouse
Shawl Collar Blouse 2
Square Neck Blouse
Square Neck Blouse 2
Neck Band Blouse
Neck Band Blouse 2
Stand Collar Blouse
Stand Collar Blouse 2
Larger Collar Shirt
Tanktop 2
Tanktop 3
T-Shirt 2
T-Shirt 3
T-Shirt 4
T-Shirt 5
T-Shirt 6
T-Shirt 7
Hoodie 2
Hoodie 3(tunic)
High Neck Shirt
Camisole 2
Gathered Frill Camisole
Tailor Collar Jacket
Poncho 2
Chinese Shirt
China Shirt
China Tshirt
High Neck Vest
Pullover Hoodie
Blouson Hoodie
Sailor Collar Blouse
Tailor Collar Jacket 2
Tailor Collar Jacket 3
Tailor Collar Jacket 4
Round Neck Blouse
Military Jacket
Military Shirt
Sleeveless Shirt
Party Bolero
Pintuck Shirt
Shawl Collar Jacket
Napoleon Jacket
Napoleon Jacket 2
Baseball Shirt
Layered T-shirt
Layered Shirt
Detachable Collar
Detachable Collar 2
Detachable Collar 3
Ruffle Blouse
Dolman Shirt
Heart Collar Jacket 2
Retro Vest
Corset 2
Halter Neck Top
Neck Band Vest

Shirts&Jackets - pay pattern

Corset 3
Rabbitear Hoodie
Sailor Collar Blouse 2
Sailor Collar Blouse 3
Sailor Collar Blouse 4
Sleeveless Sailor Collar 2
Acute Blouse
Fakefur Jacket
Sleeveless Jacket
Sleeveless Sailor Collar
Sailor Collar Blouse
Puff Sleeve Shirt
Union Sailor Collar Blouse
Acute Jacket
Lacing-up Vest
Short Jacket
Vest 1
Vest 2
Sleeveless shirt 2
Jersey 2
Jersey 3
School Uniform
Lace-up Vest 2
Double Jacket
Sailor Double Jacket
Long Jacket
Puff Sleeve Blouse
Baggy Shirt
Spread Shirt
Bolero Jacket
Sailor Puff Sleeve
Swallow Tail
Off Shoulder Shirt
Cummer Vest
Polo Shirt
Raglan Blouse
Swallow Tail Corset
Double Vest
Double Vest 2
Double Vest 3
Double vest Sewing Patterns How To Make Cosplay twisted-wonderland
Double Vest 4
Heart Collar Jacket 2
Stand Collar Jacket 1
Stand Collar Jacket 2
Stand Collar Jacket 3
Dress Shirts
Short Gilet
Swallowtail Vest
Bolero Jacket 2
Lounge Wear
Open Chest Neck T-Shirt
Long Tail Shirt
Military Jacket 2
Flat Collar Jacket

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Work plan

Neck Band Blouse 2
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T-Shirt 6
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Jersey 2
Coming soon?
Coming soon?
Pintuck Shirt
Coming soon?

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