How to sew a hook "bar eye" version
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How to sew a hook "bar eye" version

How to sew a hook "bar eye" version

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After the previous "hook" is installed, we will move on to sewing the "Bar Eye"!

To install the "hook", please refer to ⇒ How to sew on the hook.

The metal part on the left in the photo is the "Bar Eye.

Although it is often written that buttons and hooks should be made with a thicker count "buttoning thread" or the like, I don't mind and use sewing machine thread.

However, the sewing machine thread is of a fine count, so the thread is taken in two strands.

When using thicker count yarn, such as buttoning thread, use a single strand.

Be sure to tie a round knot.

Close the zipper and fasten the belt with the marking pin to secure.

The white dotted line is the position where the "Bar Eye" is sewn in.

Fasten the marking pin slightly inward from the edge of the "hoook" hook.

The reason why it is slightly inside is because of the thickness of the metal.

Check if the "Bar Eye" is balanced with the "hook" by placing the "Bar Eye" at the position where the marking pin is fastened.

As in the previous page, insert the needle through the seam gap in the take-out area.

By doing this, the knot will be neatly placed in the belt cloth.

The sewing method from this point on is the same as the sewing method described in the previous section "How to sew on hooks".

Sew radially from the "inner circle" to the "outer circle" for a clean finish.

After one side is sewn, insert the needle at the end of the sewing position as shown in the photo.

The inserted needle tip comes out at the other hole.

Sew the "Bar Eye" on the hook at right angles to the belt fabric.

Once the hole is threaded, sew the other side in the same manner.

When you have finished sewing, take care of the thread.

Tie a round knot at the end of the sewing as shown in the photo.

It is difficult to tie a knot because of the metal fittings, but tie it as close to the edge as possible.

Once the round knot is completed, thread this through the belt cloth to hide it.

Insert the needle at the end of the stitch and let the needle exit through the belt fabric.

After pulling the thread and hiding the round knot in the fabric, cut the thread.

The "Bar Eye" on the hook is now sewn on.

You're meshing well.

The hooks are now sewn on.

Once the hooks have been sewn on the skirt, the next step is to attach the snaps.

For instructions on sewing on snaps, see "How to sew on snaps" here

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