How to sew the hook
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How to sew the hook

How to sew the hook

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This section explains how to sew on the hooks that are used to secure the waist portion of the skirt when making a skirt.

It is attached by hand sewing, but I know many people find it difficult to do so and just put it on properly...

I recommend you to sew it properly, because the seams are beautiful when sewn properly.

First, prepare the hooks. The one on the left is called "Bar Eye. On the right is "Hook".

Although it is often written that buttons and hooks should be made with a thicker count "buttoning thread" or the like, I don't mind and use sewing machine thread.

However, the sewing machine thread is of a fine count, so the thread is taken in two strands.

When using thicker count yarn, such as buttoning thread, use a single strand.

Be sure to tie a round knot.

Sew to the back side of the left front side of the belt cloth.

The white dotted line is the "Hook" sewing position.

Hold and align the belts so that they are in front of you for easy sewing.

As you can see from the dotted line, the edge of the Hook and the edge of the belt should be aligned so that they are parallel.

Insert the needle into the gap between the stitches so that the circular knot can be placed inside, without sewing.

Inserting the needle without scooping the fabric through the gap allows the circular knot to enter neatly into the belt fabric.

This way, the round knotted part is hidden inside.

Pass the needle through the hole and let the thread out as shown in the photo.

The most important point to sew a hook beautifully is to make sure that the needle is inserted and released so that it passes through the edge of the metal fittings.

And never scoop the surface cloth together! Scoop so that the surface is never affected.

It is also important to stick the needles at equal intervals.

After threading the needle,Pull the thread slowly.

The threaded yarn is looped and hangs on the fingers.

The needle is passed through this loop from below.

After threading the needle through the loop, pull the thread. Pull slowly to avoid tangling the thread.

The area was strengthened by threading the needle through the loop and sewing in a half hitch.

This series of operations is repeated with images (1) through (5) moving side by side little by little.

Here's what it looks like when you get to the end of the first place.

Once this section is sewn, the next step is to thread the needle through the adjacent hole.

Insert the needle near where the thread is coming out.

Again, be careful not to scoop the front side of the cloth.

The "hook" is not yet secured, so while holding it firmly with the left hand, thread the needle through the adjacent hole.

Thread through the hole. Sew as before.

If sewing through the loop is difficult, you can also sew by hooking the thread on the needle.

First, insert the needle.

Hook the thread extending from the needle hole to the needle.

Slowly pull the thread in the direction of the arrow.

The thread tends to tangle easily, so please pull it while keeping an eye on it.

You can sew the same way either this way or the way described earlier.

Sew the way you are comfortable with.

To sew hooks beautifully, it is important to sew a large number of hooks, but you will be able to sew them well if you are aware of the difference in the length of the "inner circle" and the "outer circle" of the hole to be sewed.

It is best to sew radially from the "inner circle" to the "outer circle."

Once it is sewn, the only hole that remains is the upper right hole.

As before, insert the needle near where the thread is coming out and exit the needle at the hole in the fitting.

The thread has passed through the hole. Let's sew it on.

All the holes have been sewn. The only thing left to do is to deal with the threads.

Tie a round knot at the end of the sewing as shown in the picture.

It is difficult to tie the knot because of the metal fittings, but tie it as close to the edge as possible.

Once the circular knot is tied, insert the needle at the end of the sewing, and let the needle tip out through the belt fabric without scooping the fabric.

Pull the thread and thread the round knot through the fabric to hide it.

Cutting the thread while pulling, the end threads are well placed in the belt cloth.

The "hook" have been sewn on. The stitching is beautiful.

Next, we will attach the "Bar Eye" of the hook! Go to How to sew on hooks (2) "Bar Eye" section!

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