How to use stay tape
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How to use stay tape

How to use stay tape

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Many beginners who are unaware of its existence attach the zipper directly to the fabric and.....

If you keep opening and closing the zipper over and over again, .... The fabric in that area can stretch and become badly stretched.

The zipper part is very hard on the fabric as the slider is raised and lowered.

Therefore, "stay tape" is applied to the fabric to prevent it from stretching too much.

I don't have any stay tape!" In that case, please cut a 1cm width of non-woven fabric adhesive core.

However, this application is only for "plain weave fabrics". For knit fabrics, stay tape for knit fabrics exists.

Check the position of the sewing tape on the Paper pattern.

The area in gray is where the stay tape is to be attached, but I sometimes forget to mention it in my pattern, but basically it is to be attached where the zipper is to be attached.

In the image, it is up to the seam allowance at the waist, but you can stick it all the way through to the edge.

In this case, we will use this stay tape to match the fabric color. The width is about 1 cm.

It is so thin that it does not easily echo the surface fabric even when affixed.

Cut the stay tape according to the Paper Pattern described earlier.

From the crotch end up to the zipper sewing position, attach stay tape from the back side of the skirt fabric to the white dotted line at the position where the zipper is to be sewn.

The most important thing to note is to put stay tape in the center of the sewing position of the zipper.

The invisible zip is sewn 1cm from the side, so if you leave 5mm from the side and attach it, you can attach it to the center of the sewn position.

Stick stay tape on both sides of where you plan to sew the zipper, and you are ready to go.

Since the stay tape will basically be on the back side, there is no particular need to match the fabric color.

If you have black and white stay tape, that is all you need!

Once the stay tape is attached, sew to the seam stop position and then attach the zipper.

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