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How to Serge/overlock (sewing machine & overlock sewing machine)

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How to Serge/overlock (sewing machine & overlock sewing machine)

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Serge/overlock should be applied before or after the fabric is cut and sewn together to prevent the seam allowance from fraying.

It is very easy to do with an overlock machine, but even a sewing machine has a function to serge/overlock.

In addition to the photos above, there are many other ways to do it, such as Serge/overlock on the bias, Facing to hide it, Roll Lock, Tri-fold, etc. I picked out the easiest ones among them.

The first step is the zigzag stitch, which is the basic Serge/overlock method on a sewing machine.

This function is always available on basic sewing machines; some have as many as three types, but it is easier and easier to use the largest one.

I think most people use this Serge/overlock because many of them are supported by the normal presser foot.

One point to note is that the needle goes down from left to right, but it should go over the edge of the fabric as it goes down to the right.

If you sew without going over, it will look nice, but the unstitched area will unravel.

Next is overcast stitch (see the photo at the top), which some sewing machines have as a function and some do not.some may require a special presser foot(overcast stitch foot).

And for rolled hemming, a special presser foot is used. It is a presser foot like this one in the photo.

Unlike ironing 3fold, they are finished by rolling up the edges of the fabric into a small fold and folding it into three.

I highly recommend it because the finish is so beautifully done and it works in so many different places.

It takes a little skill to sew well.

As shown in the photo, the fabric is sewn while being rolled in at a certain angle, but if the angle at which the fabric is fed is reduced even slightly,the three rolls will collapse.

However, if the dough is angled more, it will be crushed as if it were chewed.

It takes a little getting used to, though you can get a feel for it after using it a number of times.

But once you get used to it, you can use it on gentle curves, so the rolled hemming presser foot is very useful!

Definitely a useful item when making gather ruffles, etc. with your favorite fabrics!

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