How to sew darts
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How to sew darts

How to sew darts

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Darts are necessary when making clothes, such as the line around the chest that gives femininity and the line to narrow the waist.

But even the darts that are easily described on the pattern paper tend to be difficult to sew and are often avoided by beginners.

I will explain it with pictures as clearly as possible, so please do your best to learn it.

By the way, I use basting thread as a preparation before sewing the dart part, but you can also mark it with a marking pencil, etc.

This is the dart section where the baste ended.

First, fold up the cross mark that will be the tip of the dart and fasten it with a marking pin.

Next, penetrate the marking pin from the mark to the mark position on the reverse side as shown in the photo.

In addition, pass through another marking pin as shown in the photo.

Then, when folded as shown in the photo, the stitch positions on the front and back overlap each other.

Fold it up and fix the right side with a needle.After fixing, remove the two marking pins that have just been inserted.

Secure the remaining one place in the same manner as before. Now you are ready to sew!

Basting thread on the back side is no longer needed, so it is removed before sewing.

Start sewing with a reverse stitch from the tip, and then do a reverse stitch at the end of the sew.

The original method of making darts is to tie the dart tips without reverse stitching; however, since reverse stitching makes the dart tips a little stiffer, sewing schools recommend tying the dart tips with thread.

When you finish sewing, it will look like this.

Remove the basting thread.

If a basting thread is sewn in together, it can be easily pulled out with the pointed tip.

Pull out the basting thread and you are done!

The rest is ironing the darts.

Darts should be tipped downward for the sides, while waist darts and skirt darts should be tipped toward the center of the body.

However, darts are in the same position when lining.For darts on the sides of the lining, they should fall upwards!waist and skirt darts are knocked outward, not toward the center of the body!

This will prevent the darts from overlapping. If the lining is also folded in the same direction, it will be thicker in that area, so to avoid this, the lining side is generally folded in the opposite direction.

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