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How to make collar

How to make collar

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Everyone tends to think that collars are difficult to make! But they can be made in a good way if the basics are taken into account and they are carefully made.

Let's make it!

Outer fabric, lining, and fusible interlining! If you prefer a collar without tension, you don't have to put it on.

Be sure to apply fusible interlining to thin fabrics or when you want to create tension!

Iron the fusible interlining to the back side of the lining.

Next, align the outer and lining fabrics right side together and use marking pins to stop the tips first. At this time, be sure to align the corners of the two fabrics. Sew the wrong side of the outer fabric as shown in the photo. The situation should look like the picture.

Next, here is a little trick! It's hard to see in the picture, but except for the tip, we shift the fabric by about 1mm. You will see why we do this later.

The difficult part is that the tip is stopped exactly, but the rest of the fabric is shifted by 1mm. It's a little hard to tell.

This is what it looks like when you are done fastening everything with marking pins.

Now sew the fabric to match the 10mm (or 0.5 inch) on the top panel of the sewing machine. Align the displaced lower fabric with the top panel of the sewing machine.

It bends at the tip and sews at 10mm.

This is what it looks like after sewing. Next, the seam allowance at the tip of the fabric, which will get in the way when turning it over, and the angled part, which will pull the fabric if it is turned over as it is, are to be processed. In the photo, the fabric is black and the thread is white for clarity, but be sure to use the same color thread.

Cut off the tip, leaving 1 to 2mm of fabric at the tip. Be careful not to cut too deeply, as it will unravel when you turn it over.

Next, cut into the seam allowance of the curved section. Here's another little trick. Instead of cutting the two pieces together, cut one seam allowance at a time.

If you cut them alternately like this, the finished line of the curved part will be smooth and beautiful. It is better to have a beautiful line after all!

Press seam allowances open with an iron to give them shape. This will give a beautiful finish when the garment is turned inside out. Give up on the parts that cannot be ironed, and iron only the parts that can be ironed.

If the tip of the garment is not coming out cleanly, insert the needle through the seam and press it out a little to give it a clean shape. After pulling out the tip, shape it and iron it from the lining side. At this point, iron so that the seam is on the reverse side.

The reason we shifted the fabric when first fastening the marking pins is that this part can be made clean. This way, we can create a beautiful collar with no visible seams from the front side. It is already professional grade! This is a very small detail, but it is taught very seriously at sewing schools.

The front side and back side look like this. A properly made collar will look like this. If you have a shirt that does not look like this! That is... hahaha!

Next, topstitch around the perimeter to stabilize the shape. In the photo, cotton fabric is used, so it is well ironed and the shape is firm, However, if you are using a poly blend or poly fabric, it may be difficult to iron on the shape. Therefore, we stabilize the shape by topstitching about 1mm around the perimeter.

Finished beating the topstitch, but while beating another topstitch to add shape stability and design, At this time, the open area should also be sewn over. The open area should be sewn with a 3-5mm seam. It is fine to leave the open area open, but it is easier to handle if it is closed.

This is what it looks like when you are done sewing. The collar is now complete!

A perfectly beautiful collar is completed, with no visible seams from the front side.

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