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How to make buttonholes

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How to make buttonholes

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Buttonholes are indispensable for making clothes. This time, I would like to explain it using a shirt.

First, make a buttonhole in the collar stand. When the shirt is closed, the button will pass through the middle of the center line of the strike.

Buttonholes on the collar stand are made horizontally, so the buttonholes should be made starting from the center line of the meeting where the buttons pass through.

Fasten the marking pin to the center of the baste. This is the starting point.

Buttons are shirt buttons 1 cm in diameter.

I think the attachment for making buttonholes depends on your sewing machine.

On my sewing machine, I adjust the seam to "F" and set the hole gouge to "small width".

Button holes have been made in the collar stand.

The intersection of the red dotted line (center of meeting) and the black dotted line (buttonhole position) is the starting point of the buttonhole.

Buttonholes other than the collar stand are made vertically. The length of the buttonhole made by the collar stand is 1.4 cm.

The button passes through the middle of the buttonhole, so the starting point of the buttonhole is 0.7 cm above the center.

Make buttonholes with your attachments.

The button passes through the center of the intersection of the dotted lines at the end of the black arrow.

All buttonholes are done.

Apply anti-fray liquid before cutting into the buttonhole.

You can use a ripper, cutter knife, or anything else to make the incision.

However, rippers may pinch some fabrics, so a cutter is recommended.

Fasten the buttons and check that there is no misalignment between the buttonhole and buttoning position, and you are done!

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