Preparation of belt section
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Preparation of belt section

Preparation of belt section

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This method of making belts can be applied not only to skirts but also to pants.

It's easy, so let's master it!

All you need to prepare is 1 belt cloth and 1 fusible interlining.

First, iron the fusible interlining to the back of the belt cloth.

It is also OK to apply only the part that will be the back side.

If you are concerned about it, please take it in half when you take the fusible interlining

Fusible interlining is applied to the reverse side of the belt cloth.

Next, fold up the seam allowance 1 cm with an iron to give it shape.

I made a 1cm line on a piece of cardboard and used it to make the folds!

Fold up both sides.

Once the seam allowance is folded up, fold the belt cloth in half to form a belt.

For the skirt, sew the belt so that the zipper is on the left side when worn

The "left front belt fabric" overlaps the "left back belt fabric/extension parts".

When folding the belt in half, do not shift the "Extension parts" part (5 cm) + "seam allowance" part (1 cm) = "6 cm".

Iron the "Extension parts" by shifting the front side by about 1mm except for the "Extension parts" section.

By shifting the belt fabric in this way first, it is possible to prevent the needle from falling off the back side when the belt is sewn.

An illustration would look like the one below

The next step is to sew these together.

Belt cloth "left front".

Stitch the together, making use of this 1mm displacement.

Turn the belt cloth over and fold it back on the shifted line and fasten it with a marking pin.

Sew only the red dotted line.

Sew with a seam allowance of 1 cm.

Reverse stitch at the beginning and end of sewing.

Sewed up to the yellow line fold line (seam allowance).

Next is the belt cloth "left back".

This "5 cm of take-out" is folded without shifting

Turn the belt cloth over and sew the red dotted line, matching the corners and edges exactly.

Sew with a seam allowance of 1 cm as shown in the arrow.

Reverse stitch at the beginning and end of sewing.

The "Extension parts" is 5 cm, but instead of sewing all of it, sew about 3 cm to leave some room.

Use scissors to cut off any corners that get in the way of turning it over.

I turned it over and adjusted the corners. This is the "left rear" where the "Extension parts" is located.

The "left front" side should also be turned over.

The belt is now ready.

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