For those who cannot access
the SHOP due to 403 error

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I found a pattern I want to purchase, but when I clicked on the 'Go to Shop' button...

In some cases, the shop may not be displayed due to a 403 error like this.

Explanatory image for those who cannot access the store due to 403 error

The store website is hosted on a server in Japan,

but you may not be able to view it depending on your country or region.

There are two solutions

(1)If you are familiar with smart phones, you can install a VPN application to browse the store site.

(2)Transactions by e-mail

You can make a transaction to purchase a pattern by e-mail

We will send you an email invoice from Paypal for payment.

You can also pay by regular credit card for email billing.


* Your name

* Your address (country)

* Your preferred pattern

* Your preferred size

Please contact us with the following information

We will contact you shortly.

If you have not received a response to your e-mail after 12 hours, please check to see if your e-mail was undeliverable or if you have mistyped your e-mail address.

If your email security settings are strict, the email may be moved to the spam folder or the email itself may be blocked and you may not receive it.

If you do not receive a reply after 12 hours, please contact us from a different address.

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